I remember the first time I was told about the stock market. I was about 15 or 16 but I remember brushing it off and getting back to whatever was distracting me at the time. It wasn’t much longer till I was bitten by the bug of trading for the first time when I left university. A friend of mine was talking about Forex and how much money you could make. I was skeptical but with no job to do I was like “what is the worst that could happen”

We went to a forex seminar and the earning potential they were promoting was amazing I was hooked. I spent the rest of that summer holiday going to seminars and reading the odd book or 2 on the subject. When I finally landed a job I put aside some money for my trading account and near autumn 2001 I started to trade.

A 22-year-old novice and a £1000 account I hesitantly made my first trade. I lost £50 then another £20 I had lost £70 down within my first hour. This was going to be hard. I didn’t like losing money and the training simulator was not like this at all. I was panicking when I put on my next trade on…. I WON!! I made £120 on that trade then ANOTHER win £45. I stepped away from the computer.

I was shaking. I had spent the day on the computer, and I had made £95 pounds. I couldn’t believe it. I made £95 without leaving my house and to make things better it was TAX-FREE here in the UK.

I slept like a king that night. All that was missing were butlers to wake me up in the morning. When I woke up I knew that I wanted to trade and make more money. Even trading on September 11th, 2001 did not deter me. I was in for the long haul.

Over the course of 2002 and the next few years, I was making thousands every few months. I had £10k months, £9k months, £7k and £5k months of pure profit. Anything below £3k felt like a loss.

Of course, I lost the same amount in months as well. I was living the life I had so many toys and holidays at the drop of a hat.

All this and I had a job as well. I was making more money than most of my bosses… I was that dude. But, doing it legally of course.

I was trading on instinct…ok luck, I knew only a little about the markets and stayed in the lane I knew.

With so much winning I made the first of a few mistakes

 #Mistake 1

When I was winning all that money I felt invincible and did not learn how to trade forex properly. I didn’t have big enough losses at that time to make me feel I should learn to trade. I lost so much money at this time and didn’t know it.

#Mistake 2

When the losses came consistently, I didn’t have a trading system, I didn’t a trading journal to see where all my bad trades were and how to stop them.


When the markets became too hard to read and make money I left and took the last of my trading pot and made the best decision of my life so far.

I bought my flat, and with the last of my trading money renovated it to my desires, it is one of the few things that remain from my first attempt at trading.

#Mistake 3

I left trading and went to build a career. It took away the freedom I had from trading I was stuck in a dead end 9-5 job and most of all the ad-hoc holidays, concerts, weekenders dried up.

I was at a low when I met my mentor Carl Woodhouse; he is a professional trader and mentor with 16 years working in the city. He was able to show where I went wrong with my trading first time around. He trades all markets and has 3 trading courses to teach any level of trader new or experienced.

He has shown me why most forex traders fail and how to trade with the main players in the markets.

I don’t think I could have returned to trading with his help and the community at his new site Just About Trading

I would have paid much more for the information. And I am now making money consistently.

I trade the markets to multiply my income. Soon I those holidays will return…First Class.

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